About MOD

We have been involved in design oriented businesses for the last twenty years, the last ten of which have been focused on new single family residences. Our current work encourages a modern aesthetic both in terms of functional form and sustainability.

MOD Construction Services represents a group of dedicated creators and craftsman striving to achieve excellence in the built environment. Our projects are primarily modernist single family dwellings with sustainability at the forefront of our budgetary decisions. We love trees and tree-houses. Rainwater Harvesting can be integrated with a water oriented landscape. Similar relationships exist with prevailing winds and passive venting, or site orientation and solar heat gain. Houses are machines. Future resource markets will make efficiency prerequisite. The world is changing and we are excited about it.     


Mark Martinek

Graduated UT Austin, studied architecture, accounting, degreed in economics.

1987. worked in import/export business in chicago. 1989 apprenticed with german jewish master in chicago to learn furniture building.

1993 Started WigWam Decorative Arts to design and manufacture furniture and home accessories for national retail markets.  

1997 Worked for Brink Design in Austin and Monterrey develop international distribution network.

2000 started building homes.